Friday, May 27, 2011

Man's Best Friend

His name is Doja, he is an all white pitbull with the most beautiful eyes. One green, the other blue. He weighs about 80lbs, biggest most love-able creature I know.

She had Doja ever since she gave birth to her first born. She now has 3 kids. Doja is the man of the house, their protector. He has even saved her oldest son from having a severe asthma attack in the middle of the night. He has been the shoulder for many of tears. The ears for tons of playful laughter. His only goal in life was to be with them and make them as happy as he could.

He has raised each of these kids as if they were his own. He has seen them all lose their first teeth, get their first scars, he has been their for everyone of them during times of loss, sadness and even the happiest of moments!!

Today is the day a great dog's life comes to an end, and one family loses their protector, but most of all their best friend!! RIP Doja, We LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Magical Vacation for Two!

My boyfriend and I set out for an adventure to the beautiful sunny state of Florida, just the two of us.
We left November 13th, 2010 and it would be the first time him and I have traveled by ourselves, let alone on a "real" vacation. (real meaning a flight of sorts had to be involved)
Our whole experience flying, changing flights, getting our bags, and renting a car made us feel like travelin' experts.
Everything fell right into place as if the universe knew we were noobs helping us along the way. Our bags were the first out onto the baggage claim merry go round, first in line at the car rental counter, everything was perfect!

We made it! We're here!!!! :)

I felt like for the first time that this trip was meant to happen. That the beautiful scenery and great energy surrounding us were in full affect just for our arrival.

We met up with J and P that night and we set off to Boston's for dinner.
Only moments after we sat down had the laughter and memories begun to surface. We were all hysterically laughing and telling stories of the past. Sharing memories of me being an awkward kid growing into a stubborn know-it-all teen. It was like we had stepped back into time but this time we were much wiser of how things were meant to be rather than the mistakes that had affected both our lives. This was a chance to create something new and pleasant!

I saw characteristics of myself in him that seemed so apparent but I was never able to place because of the 10 year absence between us. It was like finding a piece of myself, waiting for me in Florida. His laughter was just like I remembered. His charismatic attitude in which there was never a dull moment!
I was so grateful that I had Holt by my side to share this experience with me, I wouldn't have wanted it to be anybody else.
The night ended well and we had made plans to meet again for dinner later that week at P's house.

After dinner Holt and I couldn't wait to get down to the ocean. The waves were so loud, so big, and dark. It was intimidating but mesmerizing.
We sat on a chair and stared at the ocean. I told him I was going to go in closer to let the waves hit my feet. He was hesitant and didn't like the idea as he was wearing socks and sneakers. (Who wears socks to the beach? pisshaa)
As I stood there in complete serenity, toes in the sand, warm ocean water covering my feet I could hear Holt running towards me! He wrapped his arms around me from behind and said "I couldn't just watch you enjoying this by yourself". (he had taken the socks and shoes off, go figure!) We began to run along the shore screaming running from the waves and what might have been lurking in the water. We laughed and smiled and played together like we never have before, not even caring for a second that people might have been watching our craziness! Who the hell cares? We didn't!!! (maybe ALL those pina colda's and shots at dinner helped with that) Collecting sea shells and gazing up at the stars. The night was beautiful. Florida had waited for us like we had waited for it!!

We woke up whenever we wanted, making mimosa's, sitting on the deck of our room looking out at the ocean, and feeling the warm sun on our skin. I didn't want this vacation to ever end, EVER!
As our adventure moved on we had no expectations of each other or of the vacation. We did little planning and just did what we felt up to doing. Took walks along downtown Delray. Shopped at Publix, ate a chocolate covered banana at Ben and Jerry's. We even ventured off into the unknown by getting onto the freeway at rush hour for what was suppose to be a 45 minute drive to the Hard Rock Casino (actually took 1hr 20 min). Visited the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, The Palm Beach Zoo. Visited Havanah's Hide-Out (which was featured on Triple D) we even played the lottery.

We ate great food and just enjoyed being with each other. We always looked forward to going back to our hotel. Like going away for a while and coming home to a beach front house. We had everything we needed. Great food, great place, great company, everything was just magical!

I was surprised that the feeling of going back home was pleasant. It's like the trip couldn't have been more perfect. I saw someone very dear to me. I spent great quality time with the man I loved the most. And to top it off we were in Paradise!

I learned that planning and controlling every situation only takes the joy and beauty away from everything!!

Not having a set agenda and making minimal plans allowed both of us to feel free and enjoy each other's company that much more!!!

The memories will forever be in my heart.